5am; My-FIT-Life Program

5am; My-FIT-Life Program


Start 2017 with determination.  We have combined our most popular programs to bring you the new, improved...My-FIT-Life!

You will Receive:

  • My-FIT-Life Behavioral Change Class Thursdays 6pm in the My-FIT-24 learning Center (available online for those who can not make the class)
  • Program Design
  • Hands on Coaching (2 days a week; 5am Tues/Thurs)
  • RD and PHD approved Meal Plan
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Pre and post program weight and body fat%
  • Increased confidence and knowledge of fitness and nutrition

A health based behavioral change course.  You will receive a custom fitness program, a custom meal plan, coaching, and you will learn the mental process that makes change stick.  Hands on coaching with My-FIT-24's professional team, RD approved meal planning, and life coaching sessions.  If you re ready to make real lasting change this 6 week program will kick your goals into high gear.  (Not a member yet?  That’s OK, we will include 24 hour access and unlimited classes for all new members for the next 6 weeks)
Limited to 10 participants. Jan 3rd-Feb 9th

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