Ages: High School & College
Dates/Times: M & W at 8am

This 8-week progressive strength and agility program is designed to build each athlete stronger, faster, and more explosive just in time for soccer pre-season.

Soccer specific combine testing will be measured and recorded at the beginning and end of the program to show overall individual gains through the 8 weeks. Tests will include:
Broad Jump
Pro Agility
Push Up Test
Pull Up Test
300-yard shuttle

Coach Bio: Emily Deluca is the assistant coach for Saint Josephs College Women’s soccer team. She is also an Assistant Coach with Seacoast United Premiere Soccer Club, including her recent experience coaching with the Seacoast United Goalkeeping School. Coach Emily joined the My-FIT-24 team this past winter with a degree in Exercise Science from SJC (where she played both NCAA soccer and basketball). She is excited to work hands on and prepare this group of athletes for a peak performance just in time for soccer pre-season.