How it all started….

Dear My-FIT-24 Members,

The Coleman Family (Stacey, Jesse, and the their children Bode and Zoe) started the roots of My-FIT-24 in 2007 out of their mini van and have grown it into the community it is today.

The Coleman Family (Stacey, Jesse, and the their children Bode and Zoe) started the roots of My-FIT-24 in 2007 out of their mini van and have grown it into the community it is today.

Thank you for your continued support of My-FIT-24. Over the past 11 years this community has trusted us with your health and fitness needs, and we truly appreciate that.

In 2007 Stacey and Jesse Coleman, along with their then small children, Bode and Zoe, took a leap of faith into the world of family business ownership. 

Having worked in the fitness and recreation industry for a few years, the Colemans felt that the world deserved more than what was being offered. They shared a passion for teaching the truths about exercise science, truly helping people live their best lives, and building a business that provides all that and more to their community. Their mission, which still holds true today, is to help people grow stronger, healthier, and happier.

What started from the back of their mini van (as an in-home personal training service) has grown into the community of what My-FIT-24 is today. 

In 2008 they opened the doors of their first brick and mortar facility (originally named Gorham Fitness Studio). A small, 400 square foot office space was the first official home to many of our lifelong members. It was right there on the cold linoleum flooring (which, mind you, looked nothing like a fitness center) where they began pouring their hearts into their craft through providing private personal training sessions. After a few months, and many a client’s request, they added group fitness classes. The community enjoyed their unique coaching philosophies and methods and they continued to want more. That is where things started to bloom.

After 1 year in the small office space, Stacey and Jesse found an opportunity to move the business to (what was then office and warehouse space) 17 Railroad Ave (the current studio/office space), and transform it into My-FIT-24.

At the time, they continued to provide private coaching and classes. Members requested a place to work out on their own time and so they added a few pieces of cardio and strength equipment to the back facility (the current coaching space). 

The more services they provided, the more the community requested, and the Colemans continued to strive for providing the best service that they could. This included outreach programs at local schools and businesses, hosting events and fundraisers for the community, and continuously searching for ways to accomplish their mission.

As the business expanded, they began to build a team of coaches who shared their passion for helping people grow strong, healthy, and happy. Creating a team has helped the Colemans with their second mission, of providing quality jobs for great fitness professionals. Instead of taking on the cut-throat, sell or die, atmosphere that most fitness facilities present to personal trainers and group exercise coaches, My-FIT-24's coaches are a part of the team, as employees (not subcontractors). The Coaches at My-FIT-24 are given set hours and schedules that they are paid for whether clients show up or not (which is very unusual in this industry). This dedication to our employees has served to keep coaches well beyond the industry average. Instead of a few months on the job, My-FIT-24 coaches tend to stay for years with our team. We have a culture of personal and professional development, giving our team members careers instead of J-O-Bs. Our entire TEAM works together, instead of competing for clients and sales. This makes better, happier, long term coaches and team members. This also fosters an atmosphere of unity that allows us to focus on what is most important, our member's success, instead of worrying about paychecks. We are proud of our growing team, and we trust that they are among the best in the industry.

In 2010 My-FIT-24 added the 24 hour access fitness facility to provide more value to our members. The facility was the only one of its kind at the time, offering members 24 hour access to state of the art fitness equipment, unlimited fitness classes, and personal coaching services all for one low membership rate. 

Over time, the fitness industry has grown and shifted, but the Coleman’s My-FIT-24 mission has stayed true; providing the best in exercise science, at the best value to our community, with the best possible team. 

Through this passing of time, and a little help from our member's feedback, we realized that our equipment and facility no longer matched the quality of programming and services that we provide. It is because of this that we have recently taken action to upgrade the equipment facility. 

We sincerely want to thank you for taking a risk on the Coleman Family when they started this business from scratch. We also truly appreciate that you have remained supportive of the entire My-FIT-24 Team throughout the past 11 years. Your support has helped to provide great jobs to great people, and has transformed the health of our community. It is because of this, that we write this message to you.

At My-FIT-24 we take our Core Values very seriously. These include Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency. We always aim to be upfront and open to our members. We have an open door policy and we have always appreciated when our community provides feedback. It is in response to this that we have taken on this upgrade project that has come to be known as #myfitredefined .

We are currently upgrading our facility and services in a way that we have never done before. The project is in action and set to be completed in January 2019. 

With this upgrade, it is time that we move with the market and with our team’s growing level of expertise. It is no secret that My-FIT-24 has always offered the most value for the lowest price. This will always remain true. 

We are so excited to increase the quality of the facility and services that we provide. By consolidating into one space, members will have more access to our employees at more hours of the day. By modernizing our equipment and layout, we can offer more to our members through new programs and classes. By the way, it's all available to you 24 hours/day.

In 2019, in addition to our popular semi private personal training options, we will also be offering these Add on Programs to our services:

-Small Group Strength Training

-Private Nutrition Coaching

-Private Personal Training

-Small Group Spin and Row Programs

-Small Group Mobility Training

The future of My-FIT-24 is looking awesome and we have even more exciting plans in the works as we speak for; online coaching, corporate programming, and more...stay tuned.

Again, we thank you for your continued support of our family owned and operated small business. We are so blessed to have you as part of our community, and we hope that you enjoy the new and improved services and facility that we are providing. 

So get busy spreading the word. If you are a past member who wants to return, please do so now, so we can give you the lowest possible rate. Bring your friends and family and please share in our excitement over #Myfitredefined (click here to learn more about the Upgrade Project

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!

Love, My-FIT-24