You asked… We listened…

(Long Message, but awesome Upgrade plans require lots of words...)

Hey there My-FIT-ters!

I know you’ve heard some rumors, and we are so excited to finally be able to officially announce the details of our Upgrade Project (aka: #myfitredefined )

Drum roll please 🥁 🥁 🥁......

Over the past 11 years we have certainly changed and grown in this community. It has been a wonderful journey, and we are excited to keep improving as we grow together!

One of the keys to our success has always been listening very carefully to our clients. 

Each time we have made a change to our services, equipment, or pricing, it has always been in response to this. 

Well, this year will bring some of the biggest changes we have ever made!

Step 1: Unity;

We are consolidating our message and our space. We will no longer be split into two spaces. Construction has already began on opening the 24 hour gym to house the entirety of My-FIT-24. 

That’s right! Starting in January, all Classes, Coaching, Member Services, and regular gym users will be in one space.

So why consolidate into one space? Won’t it be crowded? 

The reality is that the current studio has tons of wasted space, odd angles, and awkward flow for balancing the needs of all members. 

By consolidating we will actually have more usable space, just split into two levels. 

We will be creating more space by eliminating most of the strength machines and building out new cardio space on the second story.

But what about classes?

Don’t worry, there will always be classes in the heart of My-FIT. We are redefining the way we deliver classes to make them more efficient. New equipment with multi station usability with a new floorplan layout will make the most use of the space that we have and create new opportunities we have not been able to provide before (aka more fun).

Plus, we have some new, modern class formats to efficiently keep classes flowing in the new space. We are already underway in creating these new classes and are so excited to get started.

This Upgrade will also improve the quality of connection between our members and staff, by eliminating a split facility and working from a single space. 

Now there will be a staff member on duty most hours of the day to assist you, hand out motivational high fives, and help you to get the most out of your workout hours.

We aim to improve the functional flow of our gym to create an ideal environment for personal training, group training, and self-directed users alike.

This upgrade will also drastically improve the quality and quantity of our equipment to create a much broader variety of exercise options.

Step 2: Modern Equipment;

Much of the current equipment has lived its useful life and is showing some wear (11 years of My-FIT use will do that). While we have rebuilt several of the current pieces, and we will keep some of the favorites, we will be removing a handful of old machines and bringing in TWELVE new Matrix cardio machines! 

This holiday season, we are getting you; 

4 Rowers

4 Training Cycles

(think spin and row class 😊)

2 S-Drive Performance Trainers 

(resistance treadmills)

2 TX5-08 Treadmills

2 Ascent Trainers

We are also putting in Turf (and the crowd goes wild “rrrrooaaaar”), new kettlebells, new slam balls, slam walls, more battle ropes, more TRX, sleds, 2 group functional trainer systems, and a climbing area

Can you believe all of these great new toys are coming for 2019! 

And.....Probably the most asked for piece of equipment in the gym is Power Racks. In the past, the major concern for not including this was always safety. Given that the gym space was mostly unsupervised, we felt that it was just too risky. 

Well guess what, the My-FIT-Team will be present most of the time moving forward, so we are going to bring THREE Power Racks into the space. Yup, plenty of room for some serious lifting!

Okay...okay..All this stuff is exciting...But why are we removing the strength machines?

Although we understand that the primary function of station strength machines are to provide a very stable position to isolate a single movement. This is useful for ensuring a safe movement pattern where there might be concern for injury.

However, modern exercise science proves that use of a machine often removes the need to activate stabilization muscles, in turn denying the full benefit of an exercise. Improper adjustment and improper form during use of a machine can cause injury just as easily as any other poorly performed activity.

All exercises done with the machines can be duplicated safely in a multitude of ways using free weights, benches, boxes, body weight, and many other methods (Just ask one of our coaches).

In fact, functional training has been proven to be even more effective for most populations compared to static training. 

Step 3: Education;

In effort to make this a smooth transition for all members, My-FIT-24 will attempt to connect personally with each and every member that feels unsure of what to do in absence of the strength machines. Our professional staff will be on the floor during all active hours, ready to show everyone how to work the same muscles in a safe, and more effective manner with our new equipment. 

We also plan to have resources available at the front desk at all times and we encourage members to use this as often as they wish to look up better alternatives to the same exercises.

Step 4: More programming;

While our coaching memberships are the perfect fit for many of our members to get customized programming and lots of personal attention, many members are continuously asking for something in between personal training and general group classes. While we have had special programs periodically available for small groups, the ability to keep that going hasn’t been an option. 

Well...In 2019, we are proud to be bringing focused sessions for small groups as an ongoing offer (Look for pre-registration to these programs opening soon).

This is a perfect way to get the specific types of exercise you are looking for in a small group setting, with a deliberate progressional plan, and focused coaching attention. We will be offering things like Strength (with shiny new racks), Cycle and Row, and Mobility

Step 5: Action;

This is just a few of the awesome upgrades coming in just a few weeks. 

The project is already underway. Yes, you’ll see the construction, but we aim to stay open 24 hours/day. Please be patient as we work our way through these next few weeks, and remember that the end goal is My-FIT-Awesome!!!

We are consolidating our message, clarifying our methods, growing a strong and professional team to lead you, upgrading our space, giving you the best equipment in modern exercise science, and bringing you #Myfitredefined in 2019!


Stay tuned for special offers and early registration for special programs coming soon!

Make it an epically awesome day!


Stacey and Jesse Coleman

Owners of My-FIT-24

Along with the My-FIT-Team