Stacey and Jesse Coleman are the proud owners of My-FIT-24

At My-FIT-24 we do things differently.  Our team focused coaching combines the education, skills, and experience of all of our coaches for the benefit of each member.  Since we rotate between teaching classes, and working together in semi-private coaching sessions, every member has access to all of us.  Each Coach carries (or is completing) a Bachelor's degree in the Health Science field, and has multiple years experience working with clients.  

Why "Coach" instead of "trainer"?  We feel that a coach empowers and educates, and a trainer just tells you what to do.  We want you to learn how to take care of your body and encourage you through the process.  Sure, we design the program and prescribe the work, but the true life-changing magic happens when you learn to do it on your own. feel confident and proud of what YOU have accomplished!!!

This is our passion, as well as our full time job. That means YOU, the member, get the very best from each of us.  We strive for constant improvement as we empower people to live strong, healthy and happy. 

Meet the My-FIT-Team.