Personal Training at My-FIT-24…

Private and Semi-Private Coaching (our version of personal training) brings our members more success and more structure to their workouts on a regular basis.

At My-FIT-24, we are determined to help you stay committed and reach your goals.  We promise to challenge you to enhance your life through movement and we will provide the motivation and support every step of the way.

We work with everyone from the fitness enthusiast wanting to be pain free to the athlete training for a specific sport or event. Weight loss and weight gain goals are very common requests but we have the ability to help you reach any goal ahead.

We offer all of our member’s a Fitness Strategy Session to answer questions that you may have about health, nutrition, and fitness. From here we can help you to decide if Private Coaching or Semi-Private Coaching may be a good fit for you..

We want to work with you! We can empower you to reach your full potential and we will give you the customized support, education, and motivation you need to reach any goal you desire.

Essential Membership Required for all Coaching Options

Semi-Private Coaching

As a Coaching (Personal Training) member, you will adopt our team coaching mentality. This means that you will be assigned a Head Coach that manages your program, but your appointments can be with any of our qualified Coaches. During your session there will be 1 Coach and (up to) 3 Members in the same Semi-Private Coaching time block. Your program is personalized, and unique to your needs, you just share the time with up to 2 other clients. This option invites more people to experience Coaching, keeping the value high, while keeping the cost more manageable for long term success.


2 Semi-Private Coaching Sessions/mo



4 Semi-Private Coaching Sessions/mo



8 Semi-Private Coaching Sessions/mo



12 Semi-Private Coaching Sessions/mo


Private Coaching

Just you and the Coach you choose. These sessions can be scheduled personally with your My-FIT-Coach. This is the best option for those clients that like intensive attention to detail and desire a private setting for their workouts.


2 Private Coaching Sessions/mo



4 Private Coaching Sessions/mo



8 Private Coaching Sessions/mo



12 Private Coaching Sessions/mo


Group Coaching Options:

For the clients that work best in a group setting, desire structure to their workouts, but do not want to commit Private or Semi-Private Coaching.

Details Coming Soon….