Every My-FIT-24 Membership includes unlimited Metabolic Coaching and 24 Hour access to our state of the art fitness center. Our Essential membership is perfect for those who know exactly what they want to do, and just need a no limits place to do it.


 If you need help designing your program, creating a meal plan, or staying accountable, our Coaches are here to help.  According to YOUR goals, we can prescribe the perfect balance between METABOLIC, STRENGTH, STEADY STATE CARDIO (SSC), and FLEXIBILITY training.  We also provide you with a complete Meal Plan, that includes ongoing changes according to your needs.  The integrated mobile app and cloud account is great for logging your food and tracking your goals.  The combination of all of these elements could vary greatly from client to client depending on your starting point and future goals. We would be happy to create the perfect combination for you.

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A La Cart

For those who are highly self motivated, and just need a little help to get going, you can choose from a couple of options. We can create a personalized meal plan for you, or craft a customized fitness prescription according to your needs. These are available to accompany the essential membership as you see fit, whether it be seasonally, or just a fresh infusion to your usual program.


Each membership is based on a monthly rate.  There is no long term commitment and you may upgrade or down grade your membership at any time (discounts are available with an optional term).

Not Sure Where to Start?

It's a big decision, that is why we offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Fitness Strategy Session...