No Scales. No Measurements. No Pinching.  Just the Jeans.

This 6 week accountability program is designed for those of you who have a pair jeans you really want to get into before the holidays.  You know the ones.

(Program begins Thursday November 8th and ends Thursday December 20th with a FIT on your jeans celebration).

 How it works: We will have a kickoff event, (however, you can begin working towards fitting into those jeans as soon as you register) this will be a fun, interactive, get to know your coaches and My-FIT community members event.  We will share tips on meal planning, nutrition, and how to get the most out of your My-FIT-24 workouts. We will give you the motivational boost you need to get into those jeans.

At this event you will BRING THE ACTUAL JEANS you want to get into.  Our team at My-FIT-24 will keep those jeans throughout the entire program (don’t worry, we’ll keep them safe).  Each week we will offer a live check-in event, where you can try those jeans on and check your progress with our team of coaches.

Do I actually have to use a pair of jeans? Nobody should be able to tell you what size you should be, or how you should feel about your body. Neither should a clothing size define you. Your goals are for YOU to decide. The whole purpose of using actual clothing for this event is to push you into setting a fixed tangible goal. “Those jeans” are one size and fit you in just a certain way. As for the purposes of this event, we’re just going to use a simple pair of jeans to accomplish that goal setting step.

The 6 week Program includes:

-Access to a private social media group that will offer weekly recipes and workout tips from your coaches, motivation, and accountability.  

-Weekly live check-in event with coaches on hand 

-Exclusive discount on our coaching memberships 

-And all the motivation you need to get into those jeans before the holidays.  

Are you ready to finally get back into those jeans?

Lets do this!