Are you tired of spending your money, time, and effort on becoming healthier, only to find that it’s just not working? Are you ready to learn the truth about health and fitness and how it relates to your body? Would you like to understand specifically how YOUR body works, moves, processes food, and changes? It is time for YOU become the HERO of your OWN story,

For one month, and one month only, Coach Stacey is offering (for the first time in over 5 years), private personal coaching sessions. This program will ONLY be available to those of you who are READY, COMMITTED, and DETERMINED to finally STAND UP, take control of your life, and make REAL, LASTING, CHANGE!

Designed specifically for woman, she will design a custom workout plan for YOU based on your starting point and goals. These workouts will be INTENSE. You will sweat, burn, and Coach Stacey will personally push YOU past your comfort zone every time, guaranteed.

ONLY sign up if you are ready to work harder than you ever have before. For some individuals there will be additional fitness homework assigned on days between sessions, this will be determined through your initial strategy session. All workouts will be prescribed through the My-FIT-24 app, along with reminders, direct messaging with Coach Stacey, and video demos of all movements.

You will also learn how to eat food; not just temporarily, FOR LIFE. Coach Stacey will teach you her simple methods of eating the right foods, on time, and most importantly; on purpose. You will receive a meal plan, but the purpose is to teach you the WHY behind the recommendations and HOW to continue your success, long after these 4 weeks, in fact for the rest of your LIFE!

The final ingredient that makes this program complete, is that Coach Stacey will share the Coleman family recipe for Awesome Sauce…a.k.a; THE COLEMAN METHOD. Created by Jesse and Stacey Coleman in 2010, this is a six part cyclical process of goal setting, over coming obstacles, finding success, and making it stick. In addition to your workouts, you will be working through this process in private sit down sessions with Coach Stacey weekly. There will be worksheets and daily mindset exercises to help you stay focused, detox your mindset, and continue success despite unforeseen circumstances and obstacles (because…LIFE). You will learn the tools and discover how to become your OWN HERO and how to continue finding SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, and HEALTH for the rest of your life.


4 weeks

12 Private, 45 min sessions

3 days/week

Appointments are scheduled individually with You and Coach Stacey at times/days that works best for both.

Start date and times will be determined at sign up.


Coach Stacey can only take 5 clients at this time.

Only apply if:

  • You are 100% ready to commit to making a HUGE change in your life.

  • You have 3 days a week that you can commit 45mins of workouts to.

  • You are ready to dig deep into the “why” of you current circumstance, obstacles, and goals.

  • You are prepared to face challenges, fear, and the growing pains of change.

  • You are sick of all of the fitness and nutrition BS in the world and ready to accept the unsexy truth; Making real change takes time. It can be stinky, painful and boring. And it’s going to be really really hard. BUT….when you do it right, it lasts and YOU OWN IT!

If this sounds like you and you are ready to invest into becoming the HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY, Register right now.

YES, it’s expensive. IN FACT, this is the most expensive program we have ever offered. But why keep throwing your dollars away month after month for the crap that doesn’t work? How many monthly prescriptions, subscriptions, and products have you spent your money on. Why not focus it all on ONE MONTH of YOU? It is time to invest into YOU really changing, learning, and becoming who you want to be for the rest of your life.

This program is not for everyone. In fact, there are only 5 of you. If you are ready, and want to commit for 1 month of REAL, LASING, CHANGE, register right now (this will fill quickly).

So STAND UP GIRL, time to invest in YOU!